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Meet Austin Alhajj: The Trader Bringing Technology To The Everyday Trader Through Trader Codes

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Meet Austin Alhajj: The Trader Bringing Technology To The Everyday Trader Through Trader Codes

January 06
22:58 2023
Meet Austin Alhajj: The Trader Bringing Technology To The Everyday Trader Through Trader Codes

For years, the only way to access top-tier market reading algorithms, indicators, and software was to be on wall street. If you weren’t suiting up every day and heading onto a professional trading floor in New York, London, or other major cities, the algorithmic and automated trading edge was something that was completely inaccessible for you.

Nowadays, thanks to industry leaders like Austin Alhajj, this landscape is changing, fast. 

Austin Alhajj has helped hundreds of traders find consistency in the markets through his Futures trading education platform, Austin’s Trading Group. For years, Austin’s goal has been to use his platform to equip the ‘everyday retail trader’ with as many high-quality trading edges as possible, from teaching them professional strategies to now allowing them to access cutting-edge software programs and automated strategies.

Noticing that the trading and investing industry was moving more towards an automated and  software-heavy approach, Austin knew he needed to capitalize on that wave, not only for himself but for members of his community. 

“I wanted to really figure out a way to unveil the secrets of the industry that the big hedge funds and institutions kept under wraps for so long, that being automated trading strategies, and algos. There is no reason why the everyday trader shouldn’t be able to access automated tools and strategies for an affordable price, when there are so many platforms out there like TradingView, that will allow traders to plugin custom trading tools and utilize them at an instant.” Austin explained.

The idea of bringing cutting-edge technology such as algorithms and indicators to the everyday trader for affordable prices is what created his newest venture, Trader Codes.

“Trader Codes is one of my favorite projects. I see the industry leaning more into an automated and technological approach, and I want not only myself, but my members to leverage that wave. Everyone should be able to obtain a technological edge in trading, and Trader Codes provides an avenue for anyone to gain that edge for a fair price.”

Trader Codes offers multiple custom software, indicators, and even a fully automated trading algorithm that anyone can access, even if you don’t work for a hedge fund or prop firm like in years prior. It was designed to be a one-stop-shop for all types of traders to implement technology into their trading strategies, easily.

The custom and proprietary indicators and algorithms Austin and his team at Trader Codes create allow traders to see the markets much more clearly, read potential market moves better, and ultimately allow them to trade more consistently and effectively. One of the most powerful tools Trader Codes has to offer is a fully automated trading system, that actually shows market participants where to buy and sell, on different major market indices. All of the tools Trader Codes has to offer have gone through extensive testing, research, and modifying before they hit the market, so anyone who utilizes them can be sure that they are reliable, statistically effective, easy to use, and impactful regardless of their experience level or strategy. 

If you have a computer, a free TradingView account, an internet connection, and Trader Codes, you can now access tons of powerful, game-changing software integrations that will boost your profitability, ability to find high quality trading setups and trading consistency significantly.

Seeing a need to build a solid community-hub for the trading world as well, Austin has created the first ever luxury co-trading space in the United States, Trade Club in Naples, FL, specifically designed for traders.

Through all of his ventures, Trade Club, Trader Codes, and Austin’s Trading Group, Austin Alhajj is truly changing the game for traders, allowing anyone to gain powerful edges to compete, and exceed the level of skill big bank and institutional traders have.

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