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Homeety: When Fashion brands meet web3

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Homeety: When Fashion brands meet web3

October 24
20:15 2022

New York – October 24, 2022 – Since its creation in December 2021, Homeety has made some serious progress in establishing a link between virtually and reality through web3.

As a reminder, Homeety is a French start-up which develops a Web 3 real-life events management platform that engages users around three main web3 dimensions: ID – Shop & Metaverse.

It will include brand new powerful features including a ticketing platform allowing invitation management and a NFT reward gift box enabling a powerful way to maintain a connection between hosts, guests, companies and clients or leads.

Homeety addresses these topics while working on a crucial matter: cyber-security and data integrity.

Homeety’s staff understood a long time ago that identity is an essential part of tomorrow’s Metaverse revolution which is why they decided to put this key notion at the center of the product.

WEB3 ID is a module that will allow users to create, manage & scale their 3D NFTs in a single spot.

Obviously, as shopping experiences have taken a central place in the Metaverse industry,  Homeety’s users will find an internal shopping platform to engage them around use cases which tackles NFTs, invitations, 3D Assets and Art pieces.

Furthermore, Smart contracts which are currently key intelligent contracts hosted on the blockchain will be easy to grasp by masses as, at present time,  they are completely inaccessible to general public and unfortunately for people, they remain an essential part of economic relations in the Metaverse.


The notion of Metaverse is obviously unlimited and its applications are not written yet but every use case that the company is working on will be integrated in a beautiful 3D environment with infinite potential that will enhance communities’ creation, socialization and content creation.

Homeety has involved worldwide renowned staffs who master these new technologies which transform data into virtual experiences.

The company’s long term vision is to encourage content creators to use Homeety’s solution as a reference in order to add new functionalities inspired by the public.


For the past two years, an extremely large amount of ICOs has taken place in the web3 ecosystem. Surprisingly, companies used to launch an ICO over a really limited roadmap condensed in a light paper.

Homeety proceeds the opposite way and wanted to elaborate a real value proposition, an artistic direction and a convincing use case before to launch an ICO. That is the plan : engage with our community, prove our skills and launch the ICO.

Moreover, in order to take advantage of Homeety’s possibilities in the web3, users will need to use Homeety’s token – the HOM.

HOM will be a utility token which sale will start in November 2022 from the company’s official website. Investors and future users will be able to buy their future coins in order to fill their Homeety’s wallet.

Homeety’s entire economy, gaming platforms, content creation modules and possibilities will be based on exchanges with the token, between professional and individual users.

From left to right – Laurent Lahmi, CEO – Marc Seroussi, VP – Jimmy Guenoun – Co-founder and Lucas Herzbrun – Co-founder

The Fashion use case

As the founders of Homeety have established solid links with a large number of famous brands within luxury fashion industry, the company’s message is clear: help luxury companies to involve their clients in a broader customer experience that includes Events – Shopping & Identity management.

“A strong artistic direction combined with leading-edge technologies is helping us to win the confidence of massive companies of the luxury industry” says Jimmy Guenoun – Co-founder.

“Design and user experience is as essential as technology mastering when it comes to seduce a large public involved in fashion” adds Lucas Herzbrun, Co-founder.

This market view is actually correlated by Technavio.com market analysis as  “The Metaverse in fashion market share is expected to increase to USD 6.61 billion from 2021 to 2026”.


Homeety is leading the way in terms of concrete Web3 applications applied to the fashion industry.

First of all, the company wants to focus on user’s identity in order to create a new relationship between individual users and between users and customers.

Identity is a way bigger notion in the Metaverse than in the real world. It actually includes every dimension that touches the user, from favorites events and art preferences to shopping habits.

This identity will be projected in a functional 3D environment that includes features and content creation designed by both users and brands.

At this time, no company has mixed up these dimensions in order to release a coherent app.

Even if some companies have acquired their reputation by selling lands or NFTs, founders are convinced that the value brought is very limited at this time.

“Second generation companies with applied use-cases are the one that will bring most of the value to the Metaverse” says Jimmy Guenoun, one of the co-founders and tech advisor.

“Identity management is a critical element when it comes to establish a trust relation between entities in the metaverse, and this dimension is way too neglected right now” Adds Lucas Herzbrun

Homeety’s founders have a strong belief that new actors are the ones who will bring the most value to the ecosystem.

“The winners will not be the first on the market because they did not put user value in the center of their product. New companies that will develop useful B2B and B2C use cases will get the most market shares.” adds Jimmy Guenoun.

“A lot more is to come in the Metaverse revolution and Homeety will definitely be part of it.” Says Lucas Herzbrun

 Homeety’s event page

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