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TANTIV4 software puts users in full control of their Wi-Fi

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TANTIV4 software puts users in full control of their Wi-Fi

October 18
13:47 2021

REZRV is state-of-the-art network management software that assures easy bandwidth prioritization for apps and devices that matter the most. Welcome to your all-new plug & play management solution.

TANTIV4, a US-based visionary tech company, has recently launched a cutting-edge high-tech router with their new smart network software, REZRV, on Kickstarter. REZRV is intelligently designed to ensure smarter network management than ever. Available in both web app and mobile app options, the REZRV network management software assures complete control of your Wi-Fi, and easy bandwidth prioritization to eliminate Wi-Fi downtime.

“Wi-Fi downtime is no less than a nightmare, especially in the contemporary overtly digitally dependent world. These sudden Wi-Fi glitches are mostly caused by bandwidth congestion which happens when your ISP/router tries to share your bandwidth equally between all connected devices instead of prioritizing internet usage.  Worse, we barely have the tools to prioritize bandwidth usage as per specific tasks, apps, or devices that matter the most, until now. TANTIV4 routers, backed by the cutting-edge REZRV software, assure you complete control of your Wi-Fi network at just one tap of a button or simply a voice command”, stated Lokesh Johri from TANTIV4.

REZRV works by applying bandwidth management policies to the user’s critical applications (apps, digital tasks, devices, etc.) to ensure that 100% of his/her Wi-Fi bandwidth is being utilized efficiently. The software is a breeze to use and can be used by anybody with basic knowledge of browsing the internet. 

So, how does REZRV work? Per the statements of Lokesh, the advanced network management software works in 3 steps –

  • REZRV can automatically classify the devices and apps based on utility-based categories
  • After classification, REZRV maximizes application utilities as well as accounts for device types and link rates to ensure proper allocation of bandwidth
  • Finally, the smart network management software manages Airtime use by application, based on bandwidth allocation needs  

“Our advanced REZRV software is backed by state-of-the-art Mesh technology that enables it to deliver high Wi-Fi speeds to every single corner of your home as well as across the backyard and for outdoor smart home devices.”

Top features and benefits of REZRV –

  • Helps with bandwidth prioritization
  • Assures prioritization of apps and devices that require more bandwidth
  • Assures 100% control of your Wi-Fi
  • Able to locate devices and apps consuming excessive bandwidth
  • Apply parental control on chosen devices and apps
  • Offers complete analytics on network usage and activities
  • Ensures high-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Connects to any ISP
  • Easy to use for all kinds of internet users, including beginner users

REZRV ensures expert-level control of your Wi-Fi connection, without having to sign up for a degree in network management. With REZRV in your home or office, you will forget all those sudden Wi-Fi glitches and buffering- digital activities would be more comfortable than ever. But, such a high-end project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring REZRV to life and make network management easier than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on REZRV packages. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

Media Contact
Company Name: TANTIV4
City: Milpitas
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/561079481/rezrv-smart-network-software?ref=bzkfj3