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Axis Technologies Group, Inc. May Be A Nano-Cap, But They Are Providing Big-Time Solutions To A Fast-Changing De-Fi Sector (OTC: AXTG)

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Axis Technologies Group, Inc. May Be A Nano-Cap, But They Are Providing Big-Time Solutions To A Fast-Changing De-Fi Sector (OTC: AXTG)

September 15
07:46 2021

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: AXTG) is a small company making a big difference. And don’t let its share price fool you; AXTG has big ambitions and a plan to match. At its core, AXTG is a holding company with operations in the United States, Australia, and Singapore engineering innovative technology dedicated to developing, managing, and promoting its decentralized finance (DeFi) focused subsidiaries.

Already, AXTG’s focus toward making the world of DeFi a better and more efficient experience is paying off. In fact, they are providing a much-needed breath of fresh air in a heavily fragmented social media and cryptocurrency marketplace by offering users tools to drive prosperity, freedom, and decentralization. And with regulators breathing down the necks of investors, the sector needs new ideas. Axis is prepared to deliver.

Better still, they are well on their way to doing just that, having already demonstrated their ability to identify DeFi solutions that anticipate the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies trends. In doing so, they built a portfolio that takes the best of what’s in the market and improving upon the shortcomings of existing products and services. Best case for AXTG- they set the new trend in DeFi. And that would be great news for its shareholders, with current levels likely the launchpad for potentially exponential gains.

A Synergistic Portfolio Brings Unrivaled Functionality

The excellent news is that AXTG already has wholly-owned subsidiaries and assets within its portfolio that contribute to its goal of providing industry-leading DeFi solutions. Each can deliver meaningful change to the markets.

The first of these subsidiaries is TiENCHAT, a novel social networking solution that provides a borderless, multilingual platform for digital currency transactions. Based in Singapore, the TiENCHAT app can revolutionize communication by assisting blockchain technology to seamlessly facilitate worldwide digital payments. Several key features make that happen, including instant language translation, multi-token wallets, voice and video calling, and the ability to buy and sell digital assets such as NFTs.

The app can be a communication game-changer in the sector by facilitating transactions involving digital currencies with no middlemen, delays, and no requirement to learn another language for global commerce. And this isn’t a simple translation service.

TiENCHAT is developing its features with a strong emphasis on data security, especially considering consumer’s migration away from traditional social media that are encroaching on users’ privacy and rights more than ever. And that’s happening faster than many expected. Those using some Facebook products are aware of the all-or-nothing propositions offered to use owned services. If you don’t opt-in, you’re out.

But, the greed and invasive nature can be a blessing to TiENCHAT and AXTG. It also creates a timely opportunity for AXTG and TiENCHAT to seize upon new users fleeing from the intrusive and sometimes illegal data collection done by apps including WeChat and WhatsApp. And, by offering what have become unique features for privacy, AXTG expects to capitalize on rising public interest demanding the original intent of cryptocurrency- a DeFi system in a private atmosphere. If TiENCHAT delivers as expected, they should capture a substantial audience of users as the allure of digital currency continues to penetrate global markets.

AXTG’s other assets are equally compelling.

T8 Exchange Empowering Decentralization

A second wholly-owned subsidiary within the AXTG portfolio is T8 Exchange. Based in Australia, T8 Exchange is the owner of the TRAMS DEX application, a decentralized exchange platform that powers the all-encompassing features of TiENCHAT. This asset goes a step further, allowing TRAMS DEX users the ability to trade digital assets and currencies to other users in any part of the world, all while generating income and rewards through digital farming.

The better news is that the exchange platform has now been fully integrated into AXTG’s TiENCHAT, allowing existing users of the app to make payments via cryptocurrencies to users around the world. And by leveraging over 20 years of experience in cross-border finance, AXTG’s management team expects TRAMS DEX to quickly become a leader in the DeFi banking space due to its differentiating features over market competitors.

And growth can come quick. Just look at Sush-i-Swap, a platform that gained nearly 50,000 users almost immediately after its launch. It did even better going forward, amassing over 400,000 wallets within its first three months of operations. While the platform launched its own token and rewards program to retain users, it has its drawbacks. Specifically, its method of operations inevitably leads to a slow rate of monetary growth.

Still, recognizing the success of the rewards program in attracting new digital currency miners to the service, AXTG promotes a similar business model through TRAMS DEX that they believe can scale at a much quicker pace. That’s in thanks to the direct communication and social aspects of its TiENCHAT integration.

Best of all, AXTG understands the business part of the equation from experience and through working closely with industry experts ensuring that mining on its platform will bring favorable ROIs.

Already, the company has placed an order for 50 Ethereum (ETH) enterprise miners in Singapore, with each miner projected to generate around 1.5 ETH per month. Better yet, AXTG expects to increase the number of miners to 1000 by the second half of 2022 and expand its operations to the US. Indeed, the implementation of TRAMS DEX into TiENCHAT creates an unrivaled social media and exchange solution that could quickly rise to the forefront of the industry. There’s still more to like.

Another one of AXTG’s wholly-owned DeFi assets is TiENFARM, a cutting-edge storage, and node-miner solution. The TiENFARM miner boasts an eight-terabyte storage capacity and a built-in wi-fi router, with its hardware and software being managed and configured through the TiENFARM mobile application.

The TiENFARM mobile app facilitates the hardware’s mining of DS Tokens, the company’s proprietary utility token, by utilizing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol. These DS Tokens can then be traded on T8EX and within the TiENCHAT platform in exchange for Tether (USDT), a digital currency that is tied in value to the US dollar.

Slated for an October 2021 release, roughly thirty days from now, the TiENFARM miner is expected to retail at USD $500 through the TiENCHAT marketplace and is likely to become a popular asset from its ability to grant optimal mining returns for its users. Best of all, it’s a green-mining technology. 

Transforming Cryptocurrency Mining

That’s a big deal. And support comes amid its ability to avoid the industry’s scrutiny of the dirty energy that typically powers cryptocurrency mining.

For instance, the current rate of Bitcoin (BTC) mining alone utilizes more energy than the entire country of Argentina. That resulted in Beijing enacting tough restrictions on mining in that region of the world. And the carbon-based demand needed isn’t getting weaker.

In fact, BTC mining is beginning to require more dirty energy than it’s worth, sending many industry veterans to explore the potential in other digital currencies and mining methods.

That’s especially true in 2021 when there is an intense focus on clean, renewable energy solutions. And developing anything but a mining solution not relying on traditional energy gulping methods could help revolutionize and re-energize the crypto industry. And, that’s precisely what AXTG hopes to accomplish through its strategic partnership with O-Power LLC.

The plan is to create a system capable of producing the desired cryptocurrency by using crypto-mining computers and peripherals powered by O-Power’s patented zero-emissions electricity generators. It’s a system that is scalable, portable, and offers constant power generation. Thus, it’s a potential industry game-changer in regard to mining.

Better yet, O-Power’s patented generators can accomplish their intent without the use of solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind-turbine technologies, enabling their generators to be deployed in any area regardless of climate or water proximity. Best of all, these systems can produce a constant source of electricity at a surprisingly low as 1.5 cents per kilowatt. Indeed, it’s a far cry from what’s being used today.

Even better, AXTG can help lead that charge. Hence, current share price levels may be doing more than ignoring the obvious; they may be exposing a massive investment opportunity.

And by envisioning and re-imagining the future of cryptocurrency mining, AXTG and O-Power can do more than avoid the controversies associated with current mining practices; they can make a ton of money in the process.

Perhaps best of all, getting to that point shouldn’t face much resistance as digital currency users and miners appear united to make digital assets a clean industry on every level. Hence, AXTG and O-Power’s green solution could become a leading mining option within the multi-billion-dollar industry. Put simply, don’t rule out that near-term possibility.

Putting The Value In-Play

Moreover, don’t rule out the potential for AXTG, through its subsidiaries, to grow exponentially in the coming quarters. Also, don’t allow AXTG’s low share price to persuade otherwise; this company has substantial opportunities in its crosshairs. If they execute in the next sixty days, especially with its product launch, current prices could become a relic of days gone by.

Keep in mind, too, by leveraging the strengths of its subsidiaries and assets to bring industry leading functionality to its flagship TiENCHAT app, AXTG is positioned for a potential breakout in the current and coming quarters. And from an investor’s perspective, there are too many good things to ignore. Thus, why do so.

In fact, the all-encompassing features within the TiENCHAT social media app alone appear worthy of more value than AXTG’s entire market cap. Then, after factoring in value from its TRAMS DEX exchange platform, the valuation is even more inappropriate to model for intrinsic assets alone. Peer multiples can then raise that number by several degrees. The bottom line then becomes relatively simple.

AXTG is attacking the vulnerabilities in the digital age and, instead of going with the flow, is developing potential best-in-class solutions to help the industry thrive and maximize its targeted opportunities. The great news there is that they have several in focus.

Indeed, as noted, AXTG’s state-of-the-art node miner TiENFARM is at the forefront of its ambitions. But it is still only one part of a more significant value proposition. Its strategic partnership with O-Power LLC to develop 100% eco-friendly mining solutions, its intentions to build an industry-standard cross-border communications app, and willingness to use the best and ditch the rest technological mindset can change the trajectory of AXTG sooner rather than later.

Moreover, through its synergistic portfolio, AXTG demonstrates its keen eye that embraces and embellishes the future of DeFi applications. And with revenue-generating news expected as early as October 2021, investors may be wise to consider taking a position at current levels ahead of that event.


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