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Reclaim Confidence, Youth, and Natural Beauty Using NULASTIN® Elastaplex Technology™

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Reclaim Confidence, Youth, and Natural Beauty Using NULASTIN® Elastaplex Technology™

June 08
20:19 2021
No other product on the market supports the restoration of elastin, making NULASTIN a game-changing formula that delivered uncompromising results. Guaranteed.

Originally formulated as a treatment for wound healing by world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley, Ph.D., NULASTIN’s patented molecular delivery system allows NULASTIN’s innovative products to replenish your elastin. Co-founded by award-winning TV host and former pro-athlete Leah Garcia the company sets itself apart from the competition with its scientifically advanced skin, hair, lash, and brow products. NULASTIN® provides long-term, natural solutions that diminish the signs of aging.

NULASTIN® was created to give real people, real results, based on real science. NULASTIN’s proprietary Elastaplex™ Technology has been scientifically proven to replenish elastin. As we age, we lose skin firmness, elasticity, and fullness of our eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. This is due to the steady decrease in production after puberty. NULASTIN’s one-of-a-kind formula scientifically renews your elastin, increases skin health, structure, and stimulates hair growth.

“NULASTIN is the result of the pioneering efforts of Dr. Burt Ensley and his team, who not only identified the key compound in skin and hair renewal, but designed the process for recreating it. NULASTIN® skin and hair care solutions deliver proven results to people of all ages,” said the company’s CEO, Leah Garcia.

In a 12-week clinical trial, the innovative LASH serum increased lash length by 60% and the BROW serum increased eyebrow thickness by 120%. Using the groundbreaking skincare line, 92% of participants saw improved smoothness and reduced appearance of wrinkles. Through elastin replenishment therapy, NULASTIN® helps customers age gracefully with confidence, taking the natural beauty one has, and bringing it to the surface.


Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the company was founded in January 2016 by award-winning TV host and former pro-athlete Leah Garcia and world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley, Ph.D. Its products are naturally derived, ethically sourced, and clinically tested for people of all ages.

NULASTIN® delivers naturally derived skincare and hair care solutions to people of all ages through its Elastaplex™ Technology. Five U.S. patents, clinical evaluations, naturally derived ingredients, cruelty-free formulas, and thousands of unsolicited reviews from real customers set their innovative lineup apart from the rest. Proven to restore a youthful appearance to skin, eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair in just 12 weeks.

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