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A Comprehensive Guide on Spokane Divorce

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A Comprehensive Guide on Spokane Divorce

September 13
06:06 2019

Divorce is a difficult process. It’s hard on everyone involved and is almost always painful. It can leave long-lasting wounds that only time can heal on both you, your spouse, and your children. Anyone that is going through a divorce should want to make the process as painless as possible, and that means being well informed on the Spokane Divorce Details. The ability to make well-informed decisions gives you the power to reduce the stress that comes with the Spokane Divorce process.

Are you considering filing for divorce? Has your spouse already taken a step towards the process? Regardless of how the divorce was started, it can only fall under two categories.

Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Divorce is when both parties agree on everything regarding the Divorce process and need no assistance from the Court to Divide assets or make child support or custody decisions. Uncontested Divorces typically take less time to pass through the Spokane Court System, and cost less compared to a Contested Divorce, causing less of a burden for both parties.

The 4 Steps to an Uncontested Divorce

According to Washington State Law, it all starts with the Divorce Forms.

If filing for divorce within Spokane, and you know the exact documents you need, you can access the proper forms individually for free through Washington State Courts. If you don’t want to deal with figuring out which forms you need, you have the option to purchase a compiled packed of what you need at the Spokane County Bar Association within the Courthouse.

  1. Petition For Divorce: Only one party is required to fill this form to its entirety. This step is completed once the petition has been served to one of the parties involved.
  2. Submit your Petition for Divorce with the Court you reside in: Before Submitting your petition there eligibility requirements that you must meet. They are:
  1. You are both legal residents of Washington.
  2. The marriage can be proven to be broken and not functioning
  3. The 90-day divorce period has passed already
  4. Your spouse (if you were the one that filed the petition) has already been served with the summons
  1. Acceptance of Service: Both parties have to know what the divorce papers entail before they sign. Once the papers are understood, they can be signed by the party that received the petition.
  2. Child Custody and other details: If you both agree on Child Custody and other factors, then all that is left to do is to turn these documents to the court. You must pay a filing fee once you decide to file these documents, but if you find that you cannot afford the fees, you can present a waiver form. Make sure to present it to your Ex Parte courtroom.

The Process can typically take around 90 days from start to finish. It can take longer, but that all depends on the individual circumstances that may present themselves once you begin the process. If there are any kind of Objections, or if the number of cases filed before yours is major, then it can take longer than usual.

In the case of Objections, this is known as Contested Divorce. A Spokane Divorce Attorney can help you with the details.

Contested Divorce

A Contested Divorce is the Opposite of an Uncontested Divorce. Unlike an Uncontested Divorce, when both parties cannot reach consensus on the specific terms of a Divorce, the court will have to step in in order to justly divide the assets and configure the specifics of Child Support, Alimony, and Custody. Due to the many variables that are involved in a Contested Divorce, not all cases are the same.

Regardless of which type of divorce process you are involved in, you should do your research to understand the possible outcomes of your Divorce.

Feltman Ewing has been helping couples going through Divorce for years and can guide you to make this process as smooth as it can be. You deserve to have attorneys that know the ins and outs of Spokane Divorce and can help you achieve your desired outcome.

If you decide to file on your own make sure to visit Family Court Facilitator so that you can outline what you need, and are properly prepared.

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