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Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana Foundation Of An Effective Treatment Cocktail

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Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana Foundation Of An Effective Treatment Cocktail

October 23
20:54 2020
Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana Foundation Of An Effective Treatment Cocktail
Relief Plus is an innovative center focused on new ways to help the body to heal itself. Dry needling triggers the body’s mechanisms to begin or maintain healing even with long-standing pain or injury.

Relief Plus is pleased to announce that their treatment methods are often based on dry needling techniques in Carencro, Louisiana. The use of needles to painful areas is combined with other techniques, including therapeutic exercise, laser therapy, soft tissue massage, and manual adjustments. Dry needling can be highly effective at treating tennis elbow; injuries to muscles, ligaments, or tendons; golfers elbow; plantar fasciitis; tension headaches; sciatica; patella tendinitis; and SI joint pains. Each patient is assessed individually, and a treatment protocol is designed, which includes the needling technique as just one component.

Identifying trigger points, which are constrictions in muscle fibers causing pain, limiting the range of motion, and local tenderness is the initial step in the care plan. Applying the procedures to a non-functioning trigger point or muscle decreases tightness, increases blood flow, and reduces both referred and local pain.

Additional details are available at http://myreliefplus.com/trigger-point-dry-needling/

Dry needling is an often effective, safe, and minimally discomforting procedure for patients with certain musculoskeletal conditions. The procedure is performed by trained and skilled physical therapists who have gained certification in the techniques. The technique involves penetrating the skin with a thin monofilament needle and inserting it into muscular trigger points. The process effectively manages movement impairments and neuromusculoskeletal pain, such as shoulder, hip, back, heel, and neck pain.

Dry needling is an effective approach to reducing pain, inactivating trigger points, and restoring function, but some insurance carriers do not accept claims for the procedures. Needling is not typically used alone but is part of a much broader protocol for physical therapy, including more traditional massage and exercise approaches.

Although acupuncture and dry needling use similar tools, they are quite different in training and philosophy. Acupuncture is considered to be based on Eastern medicine, while dry needling has its roots in Western medicine. Dry needling requires evaluation of orthopedic tests, function assessments, movement impairment, and pain pattern evaluations.

About the Facility:

Relief Plus is a facility that addresses pain management issues using dry needling and other techniques to improve movement and reduce muscle contractions safely and effectively.

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Company Name: Relief Plus
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Phone: (337) 565-4200
Address:109 East Saint Peter Street
City: Carencro
State: LA 70520
Country: United States
Website: http://myreliefplus.com/