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What Men and Women Should Know When Renting a Los Angeles Apartments According to RealtimeCampaign.com

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What Men and Women Should Know When Renting a Los Angeles Apartments According to RealtimeCampaign.com

October 22
00:30 2020

Homes in LA continue to increase in price, leaving many individuals looking at other housing options. The Los Angeles metro area has one of the highest rental rates in the nation, landing in the top five regions in terms of renters. When the time comes to find an apartment in the area, consider the following. 


First, men and women need to establish a budget, as this helps to narrow the choices. A one-bedroom apartment in the area ran $1,369 as of January 2020. Move up to a two-bedroom and the price would rise by almost $400. Individuals looking to rent must also factor in additional costs, such as the security deposit, the application fee, and first and last month’s rent, required by most landlords. Furthermore, potential renters need to understand any requirements set forth by the rental provider. For example, some providers require an income of three times the rental amount at a minimum. Explore additional resources to learn about potential requirements and how they may impact a potential rental. 


Individuals should look into neighborhoods close to their place of employment. According to realtimecampaign.com, rush-hour traffic often leads to commutes of two hours or more when a person must go across town to reach their job or their home. It’s best to live close to work to avoid spending the majority of your free time in traffic as opposed to doing the things you love. 


People who have attempted to purchase a home in a popular area understand competition can drive the price of a home up. However, the same holds true for apartments in the Los Angeles area. Apartments remain in short supply, and a person may want to rent in a complex like the Madrid complex. If someone wants to live in a particular complex or unit, they often pay this premium to do so. The vacancy rate plays a role in the amount of competition in an area. 

In-Person Visits

In LA, homes grow as apartments shrink. For this reason, every person should visit any place they are considering renting before signing an agreement. Thanks to the global pandemic, many complexes refused in-person visits during the height of the crisis. Certain complexes continue to do so today, and potential renters need to know if they can see the unit in person or if the visitor must take place virtually. People need to see a place in person to make certain they aren’t being scammed. However, when visiting different housing units, don’t be surprised to see there is no refrigerator or stove. Many landlords in Los Angeles don’t provide these appliances. They remain the responsibility of the person wishing to secure the unit. 

Once a unit has been located and secured, renters need to make certain they know their rights and responsibilities. For example, renters have the right to housing that is clean and habitable, and landlords cannot enter a property without providing 24-hour notice unless there is an emergency. By knowing your rights, you can ensure you remain protected in your new residence.

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