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Surfshark Virtual Private Network Sales Surge As Fears of Cybersecurity Rise Amid Tensions Across Hong Kong

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Surfshark Virtual Private Network Sales Surge As Fears of Cybersecurity Rise Amid Tensions Across Hong Kong

June 29
20:46 2020
VPN Sales from Surfshark have spiked as tension heats across parts of Hong Kong amidst fears that personal liberties and security may erode.  

Surfshark VPN sales went into overdrive in May 2020 as protests heated up across Hong Kong amidst fears that citizens’ personal security and cybersecurity may erode. According to experts, the company reported an exponential increase in sales, which is directly proportional to people fearing that their internet security may be breached either by hackers working for the government or perhaps just the government spying on them. 

Interestingly Hong Kong isn’t the only country where VPN sales have skyrocketed. In recent years, people in countries like Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and even parts of Europe have started using VPNs to safeguard their cybersecurity. VPNs are also regularly used by people to access websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others that are blocked by the governments of countries like China and Iran. That being said, using a VPN in China isn’t new, and the government is well aware of its citizens using VPNs. 

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used to bypass censorship across the World. Ironically, they are in the highest demand in places where there is stringent and widespread censorship. The stricter censorship laws are, the more websites that are blocked, consequently means that more people are using reliable VPN services like Surfshark VPN to bypass those locks.

What prompted the spike in Surfshark VPN’s sales in May came hot on the heels of an anticipated decision to pass parliament, which would approve measures for the National Security Agency of China to operate in Hong Kong and potentially suppress internet freedom. While the law was yet to pass, it was widely condemned by protestors inside of Hong Kong. Many residents feared that their lives would come under the microscope, especially their digital footprint, which led to the mass surge in subscriptions experienced by Surfshark VPN. 

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“Surfshark VPN is designed to offer people the most security and allow them to bypass censorship. We use state of the art encryption, servers, and a host of technologies to ensure that our users and their identities are protected at all costs. That’s why Surfshak VPN has been the VPN of choice for those seeking refugee online from suppressive regimes,” said a spokesperson for Surfshark VPN. 

Surfshark VPN is one of the leading VPN services in the World. The company uses technologies like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, P2P, and others to help citizens bypass censorship now implemented in more than 30 countries across the World. Most of all, it allows them to stay anonymous online both from their ISPs and people they interact with online. 

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